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Glazed oak frames have become very popular in recent years. If you are considering having a section of your oak frame glazed then make sure you have it done correctly. There are a number of systems available for glazing oak frames but the only system that Peak Oak Frames would recommend is a drained and vented direct glazing system.

The direct glazing system involves sandwiching sealed double or triple glazed units (DGUs) between the green oak frame and air dried cover boards. The oak frame and cover boards have a flexible EPDM gasket attached to allow for movement in the oak frame whilst maintaining a weather tight seal. The DGUs are drained and vented to allow any condensation or moisture trapped behind the cover boards to evaporate and prevent mould or water ingress. We use this system because it has proven to be the most fail safe and the least susceptible to the movement of the oak as it seasons.

The flexibility of a direct glazing system also allows for door frames and opening casement or tilt and turn windows to be fitted allowing for ventilation and air flow during the summer. This flexibility extends to glass options, triple glazed units can have a U value as low as 0.7W/m2K at the centre of the pane or for a smaller profile a double glazed unit can achieve as low as U=1.5W/m2K at the centre of the pane. Coating options are also available such as Pilkington K for low-emissivity to reduce heat escape or Pilkington Activ self-cleaning glass.

Peak Oak Frames cannot recommend the fitting of rebated and beaded glazing systems or the fitting of standard casement, tilt and turn or sash windows into green oak frames.